Festivals and Fancy: 3 Major Festivals in Cambridge You Should Not Miss

We’ve probably mentioned time and time again how Cambridge is a place that is worth visiting. Today, we want to talk more about the festivals

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Dressing to Match: Our Guide to Cambridge Seasons and How to Dress For Them

Cambridge is a city that undergoes a myriad of changes. Depending on the time of year that you visit, you might be treated to a wholly different sight altogether. Our city is one which embraces the traveler and envelops them.

Cambridge Weather

61 - Dressing to Match: Our Guide to Cambridge Seasons and How to Dress For Them

Our weather is actually rather temperate as opposed to other cities in the UK. If you are looking to experience snow, you’ve come to the right place. Despite its temperate weather, we do get to experience the four different seasons. Our summer starts in June and ends in September. If you have heard anything about English summers, you will know that despite the tag of summer, it can still get pretty cold here.

We suggest that you dress comfortably and utilize layers. We believe that you should always have a shawl or jacket with you. That way you can always have an option to warm yourself with. The highest sort of temperature that you can expect from an English summer is about 19-21 degrees Celsius.

Our autumn season starts in October and ends in November. It may seem short that that is enough to bring down the chills on anyone still silly enough to live outside. Normal temperatures will reach about 8-13 degrees Celsius. So you can really expect sudden drops and winds to really put the bite of the cold into your skin. We suggest that you dress warmly. Do yourself a favor and invest in good boots that will be able to tread across any sort of muck that you come across.

Winter is one of the best times to visit Cambridge. Not only do you get a winter wonderland but you also get to experience the shared joy of the holiday seasons. There is nothing quite like an English Christmas and everyone here would be glad to share their holidays with you. We suggest that you dress quite warmly. Make sure that you have a good jacket that is able to keep out the cold that can drop to around 2 degrees or even lower.

62 - Dressing to Match: Our Guide to Cambridge Seasons and How to Dress For Them

Always Remember

Dressing properly is one of the keys to travelling success. If you are dressed sensibly, you empower yourself and enable more trips around the city. The last thing that you would want is to catch a cold simply because you were unprepared for the type of weather that Cambridge gets to experience.

Which season and what particular weather do you like most in the city of Cambridge?

Pack, Pack, Pack! Effective Packing Solutions That Won’t Break the Bank

We at the Cambridge City Hotel are very huge advocates of travelling. It is, after all, through different journeys that you get a better handle on who you are and what you can achieve. The only trouble about the whole thing is the fact that travelling entails packing and lugging around your stuff in a bag of your choosing.

If your travel plans involve a flight, then you know very well that your luggage will be subjected to all sorts of rules and regulations. It will even have an established weight limit so you need to be smart about what you put into your luggage before and during your travel. To help you, our dear patrons, better manage your luggage and your packing, we have come up with some effective packing solutions that won’t break the bank.

Plan reusable outfits

While it would always be ideal to be at your very best fashion forward self, travelling will require you to be realistic. Rather than packing a whole lot of clothes, think about which ones will get a lot of mileage and which ones would be easy to launder.

That way, you can keep your luggage light and you’ll be able to just wash your stuff when you get to your destination.

Use everyday things

When it comes to packing, you can utilize things that you never really gave a second thought to. For example, using a shower cap as a place to keep your shoes! Not only will you keep your shoes from touching your clothing but you will be able to put your shoes right where everything else is.

Roll things together

A common misconception about packing and luggage is that it needs to be neat. It really doesn’t. While folding everything in neat little piles may sooth the OCD in you, it is not what is best when it comes to maximizing the space in your suitcase. So it may not be the most dignified of appearances but rolling your clothes and stuffing them into your bag is actually more economic when it comes to space.

Always Remember

Being smart about your luggage is one of the things an accomplished traveler needs to master. It can be rather costly to have to pay extra for your baggage. In the worst case scenario, you might even be forced to part with certain items just to get your baggage down to the proper scale that is allotted to you.

What travelling and packing hack have you used in your travels?

Wine and Dine: Cambridge City Delicacies You Should Not Miss Out On

When it comes to the topic of travelling, one of the important aspects to consider would be the culinary delights that the traveler would be able to sample. While we have already established Cambridge as a city rich in culture and history, let’s take a look at its culinary aspect.

As Cambridge has always played a very important role as a hub of trade and commerce, it only made sense that there would be a wide variety of flavors and ingredients that would pass through the area. The locals surely made good use of these and incorporated them into the usual UK fare that they were used to. Mind you delicacies do not automatically mean something exotic! We are referring to any fare that those that live in Cambridge will swear up and down that you surely must try while you are there.

Jacket Potato

51 - Wine and Dine: Cambridge City Delicacies You Should Not Miss Out On

If you have ever needed anything to bring you out of a massive hangover, the jacket potato will definitely do the trick. It is a heavenly mixture of cheese, beans, and sausage, and other slices of meat all stuffed into a nice baked potato skin. Don’t let the description overwhelm you. It is actually quite manageable.

As there are a lot of variations of this particular fare, we suggest that you hustle over to Tatties to sample their jacket potato.

Chelsea Buns

52 - Wine and Dine: Cambridge City Delicacies You Should Not Miss Out On

If you have a sweet tooth, this is something that you will not dare miss. The Chelsea buns that they serve in Fitzbillies will be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. A bun that is equal parts super soft and super gooey will surely leave a long lasting and positive impression upon your palate.

A Full English

53 - Wine and Dine: Cambridge City Delicacies You Should Not Miss Out On

What would a trip to the UK without having a full English breakfast? A typical serving has beans, bacon, eggs, muffin, sausage, toast, butter, and a serving of coffee—who could ask for more? Be sure to try it out at different places as they tend to have their own variations of the full English.

Always Remember

Food is an ever important aspect that will determine the quality of your memories 10 years down in the road. While you may not be able to remember every detail of your trips, there is always a huge guarantee that you will always attribute a certain flavor or meal to a certain place. Cambridge is a place that has a lot of spots for foodies and the adventurous!

What delicacy from Cambridge have you tasted and would recommend?

Themes Galore: Funny Hotel Room Themes around the World

Your hotel room is your home away from home when you are on vacation. We take a break from discussing the beauty of Cambridge and turn the attention toward the many different kinds of hotel room themes around the world.

The hospitality business can be a tough one to be part of. When you run your own hotel or even a small inn, it is important that there is something about you that stands out. This usually comes in the forms of themed rooms. Those who have travelled a lot will know this to be true.

In America, there are a lot of different themes that are found all over the different states. For example, Disney World in Orlando Florida has character themed rooms like those of Donald Duck and such. In other states, there would be a dominance of a rustic feel to the theme of the room. These are very popular in agricultural heavy states or those nestled in small towns.

In the UK, characters are not so likely. What we do have in abundance are those that are era themed rooms. Here are a few era examples that you can see commonly in the UK:

Victorian Themed Rooms

41 - Themes Galore: Funny Hotel Room Themes around the World
Image source: mfidn.com

There is something completely romantic and decadent about the Victorian themed room. Regardless of what part of the UK you are, you will find one that has touches from the era of good manners and lords and ladies.

Viking Themed Rooms

42 - Themes Galore: Funny Hotel Room Themes around the World
Image source: weheartit.com

The UK has several places that have Celtic ties to it. So it only made sense that there would be massive representation of this era.

In the realm of the odd and even the absurd, there are hotel room themes that are an acquired taste. For example, horror themed hotel rooms! There is a massive cult following regarding horrors in hotels. So much so that there are some hotels in Asia that has a complete horror theme.

Always Remember

The room options that you have in Cambridge City Hotel are also quite varied. While they are not as adventurous as the other types that exist out in the world, we are confident at the comfort they will be able to provide. Our amenities all boast of state of the art features that were all made to provide our patrons with the comforts that they would attribute with their homes.

What sort of odd or funny hotel room theme have you personally experienced?

A Guide to Hotel Infrastructure & Architecture

Hotel Architecture

Enhancing Comfort and efficacy

Even though each hotel operation is exceptional, all hotels share one factor if they are to work profitably. This is the desire to maintain the loyalty of current clients who are content, and the continuous need to appeal to new ones. To do this, they need to be increasing the numbers of hotel-users to offer an excellent guest experience and work even more efficiently.

Efficient structure, more comfort

 To do this, a lot of hotel operators, managers and owners are already aware of the many benefits that BMS (building management solutions) can provide any structure that utilizes the current electronic systems.

 Comprehensive solutions exist for the control of ventilation, heating, lighting and blinds, air conditioning and the incorporation of power distribution to chosen building services. These systems’ networking together with the ones for security, fire safety, evacuation, and energy efficiency can facilitate the smooth continuous everyday operation of hotels.

But, maybe not all of them know that the newest developments in building automation can assist to optimize the performance of any hotel and raise revenue through the bookings they take and the higher usage of the interior facilities by non-residents as well as residents.

When adding the different sections of the hotel infrastructure, tailored hotel solutions can also allow hotel operators and owners to attain significant savings on operating, installation and maintenance expenses all through the entire cycle of the hotel structure.

Setting up an attractive site

A lot of bookings today are made online. The ones who book usually base their last choice on the hotel’s appearance and its facilities. Naturally, architecture, location, and interior décor all play crucial roles in the final decision. However, one factor customarily ignored is the section which lighting plays in the online appeal of a hotel.

Systems for building management can establish dynamic lighting for the interior as well as external architecture to provide a hotel with a variety of lighting moods which appear useful in reality and on the booking site.

After visitors have booked and arrived lighting is important throughout the entire hotel in determining how they perceive it. In the bars, restaurant, and lobby, the atmosphere is essential to convince them to eat and drink there, instead of using the hotel as accommodation only. The latest introduction of LED lighting technology has created many opportunities for hotel operators. To make sure there is design continuity between bar, restaurant, reception, and rooms of the hotel, it is best to hire a trusted architect, that has experience in designing and improving the aesthetical appearance of hotels. Von Essen

They offer the advantages of enormous competence and long life. They need less maintenance and energy compared to traditional lighting. It makes them a lot more cost-effective. LED systems use unique and flexible controls and provide options that are a lot more customized. It enables unique and vibrant lighting designs that are appropriate for any hotel.

Systems that are custom-designed can be included in the BMS to offer hotel employees real control of this mood lighting which is different and lower the use of energy and saving expense.

Basic lighting requires a subset of the lamps that will be utilized; the BMS mainly runs a mechanism of rotation switching. It guarantees that all bulbs are used equally, avoiding erratic usage and getting rid of consistent lamp replacement.


Guide To Hotel Conveyancing

Cambridge Sunny Day

Selling or buying real estate tends to adhere to a specific pattern. However, in the case of a franchised property, there is an entirely different set of regulations involved and finding a law firm with experience in property law is essential.

For any person who is thinking of buying franchised property, remember the following rules.

Define your purchase

Differentiate between acting like the owner and managing a leased property or being the owner of a brick-and-mortar structure. If you are the owner of a physical structure, you are more flexible. You are the owner of the land as well as property, instead of a shorter-period-lease.

If you are the landowner and wish to end your connection with your franchised brand, you have access to the facilities and can quickly get another brand which you desire. It makes you more appealing to the new brand since you are stable at your location.

Ensure all your financial papers are correct

The owner should ensure his financial statements are in order and make appropriate adjustments where necessary to increase the sale price. Financial statements that were previously audited might not be required.

But, an accountant should check all the papers which include detailed financial statements reflecting three years, the present YTD statements, STR reports (three years), all service contracts, condition reports, a duplicate of any environmental studies, etc. In some circumstances, the services of a lawyer may be essential to get everything organized.

 Request the franchisor for a change-of-ownership improvement plan

It usually costs $5,000 to $7,000. To value a franchised hotel and market it correctly, you need to know the price of the PIP enhancements the purchaser will use in his investment strategy.

Understand the property’s present financial conditions

This includes the requirements of the hotel, its occupancy rates, and expense ratios. The location determines a lot. For instance, if the hotel is near an airport, a purchaser should consider the terms of any contracts present between the hotel and airlines for workers or any other related contracts. Evaluate the terms of agreements, their expiry date, and renewal date. This factor can significantly alter the dynamics of the deal and whether the hotel is going to retain its occupancies in their present area.

Learn the franchise agreement terms

A lot of franchisors need notification at the period when the property is presented for sale. Others have a right of initial refusal on the property. Liquidated damages might be involved if the buyer does not want to keep the existing franchise. Vendors and prospective buyers need to find out whether the franchisor possesses the right to buy the franchised business again.

A lot of franchise agreements give the franchisor an autonomous right to buy a franchise sometime in future for a specific cost. It might compel the franchisor to sell the franchise lower than its value. If the franchisor refuses to sell, usually the firm will want to meet and vet the prospective buyer to ensure that he/she is going to represent the brand appropriately.

Find out the management agreement terms

Usually, they are fixed for a particular term, mostly five to ten years. But, the agreements can be different, and they are not standard. Any early termination might include a fine, and the management firm might have the right to end the agreement quickly if the brand changes.

Travel Smarts: Why You Should Always Look At Promos and Package Offers

When it comes to staying at a place like Cambridge City Hotel, it is important that you take full advantage of it. It is no secret that staying at a hotel may cost you more as opposed to staying at a B&B. Today, we wanted to discuss why you should always look at promos and package offers.

What is a Promo or Package Offer?

When it comes to the hospitality profession, there can be a lot of competition going around. It is always easy to claim that you are the best but even then, you need to have a competitive edge over the others. Hotels and other accommodation options make use of promos and package offers to entice patrons to their establishments.

These are the set deals that often involve massive discounts or set experiences.

Keeping an Eye on Them

Promos and package offers are not just made to entire patrons they are there to make sure that the patron may be able to achieve the most out of their experience. Here are a few other reasons why you should always check to see if there are any ongoing promos:

Freebies and Bonuses

Package offers often involve a set amount of day wherein the patron needs to stay at the establishment. If a patron chooses to avail of a promo or package offer, they get treated to freebie or free services which normally cost a bit more.

Special Limited Offers

Package offers are not always available. In fact, there is a huge chance that they would only be offered within a set period of time. While this creates a sense of urgency, this also ensures that those who choose to avail of packages that they have managed to secure unique experiences for themselves.

Generating Loyalty

Those that make a habit of availing for promos and packages tend to get offered special membership. Every establishment has them; it is just that most do not really talk about it.

Always Remember

You are in charge of choosing the best sort of vacation options available. Not all travel agencies are as involved in providing you good experiences and massive savings. After all, they need to make a profit at the end of the day. We highly advise that you be proactive in securing your vacation options. Always check with the promos or offers page of any reputable accommodation option or hotel. Chances are, they are presently holding great deals!

What sort of promo or package offer have you managed to claim before?

info2 - Travel Smarts: Why You Should Always Look At Promos and Package Offers
Infographic by: autofreaks.com

Goals Unlocked: How We Were Able to Meet 95% Satisfaction Ratings for March

Hello, dear patron! Greetings from Cambridge City Hotel! We are pleased to announce that we were able to attain one of our goals for 2018. We, along with your help, were able to attain a 95% satisfaction rating for the month of March. Our external web design agency Internet Creation based in Fife has monitored this high satisfaction rate translate into positive online Google My Business reviews.

What is a Satisfaction Rating?

This is something that we do at the end of every month. It is the culmination of every short satisfaction survey that we have guests answer prior to check-out. This satisfaction rating is a barometer of how well we do our job and how we can continue to improve our processes. It is our goal to receive a minimum of 93% at each month.

How Did We Do It?

Your concerns and comfort is truly important to us. We have noted all the past months and years wherein our performance may have been over 87% in satisfaction. While this percentile is high, it is simply not high enough for us. We rectified the lacking 6-7% through the following ways:

Employee Retraining

31 - Goals Unlocked: How We Were Able to Meet 95% Satisfaction Ratings for March

We believe that our employees are at the frontlines when it comes to giving you the hospitality that you aim for and truly deserve. We took note of any departments that needed a bit more work and retrained them. We spared no expense at providing truly timely and highly effective seminars and panels that helped our employees grow.

Better Offers

32 - Goals Unlocked: How We Were Able to Meet 95% Satisfaction Ratings for March

For the longest time, Cambridge City Hotel carried old offers that were frankly better left in the early 2000s. We went back to the drawing board and came back with offers that hold the keys to your elevated Cambridge experiences.

Adding Amenities

33 - Goals Unlocked: How We Were Able to Meet 95% Satisfaction Ratings for March

While Cambridge City Hotel was a jewel in the midst of the laid back metropolis, we believed that this jewel needed a few additions. As you may have noticed, we have fully renovated the guest gym and bathing facilities. Better technologies have become available and it was only right that we bring these to you.

Always Remember

We would be nothing without you, dear patron. This achievement early on in this year only adds more fire to our fuel to serve you better. If there was anything that we can do further to offer you better Cambridge experiences, do let us know. It is through your input that we are able to continuously provide hospitality that is akin to the comforts of your own home.

How may we better serve you?

Not All the Same: What Sort of Accommodations Can You Find in Cambridge?

When it comes to finding a place to stay in Cambridge, you will be treated to a smorgasbord of options. Today, let us take look at the many different type of accommodations you can find here in Cambridge. It is important to know that there are a lot of different options for a weary traveler in terms of where they can stay.

When you consider where to stay, always think about these key things:

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Offerings

These things are what can help you determine where you can stay. To provide you with a better idea of the types of options you have, here are a few different types of accommodations that you can find here in Cambridge:

Bed and Breakfast

21 - Not All the Same: What Sort of Accommodations Can You Find in Cambridge?

There are a lot of smaller bed and breakfast type accommodations littering the city. These are usually owned by smalltime business owners which have kept it in the family for generations. While bed and breakfasts are smaller, they are usually more affordable. There are some that may offer in-house breakfasts but not all of them do.


22 - Not All the Same: What Sort of Accommodations Can You Find in Cambridge?

Since its inception, a lot of travelers have risked their safety by availing of private owned homes or rooms. Airbnb allows property owners to lease out their houses or rooms to complete strangers for a moderate fee. Depending on the area where the Airbnb is, the price can be rather steep. There is also the danger of being subject to a property owner that will not honor the arrangement.

Despite the risk, Airbnbs are often designed well and travelers get to stay at posh private locations and condominiums.


23 - Not All the Same: What Sort of Accommodations Can You Find in Cambridge?

While obviously more expensive in the accommodation spending spectrum, there is no denying the world class comfort and expertise that comes with the professional hospitality market. Your very own Cambridge City Hotel is one such accommodation option.

Hotels often come with a wide variety of amenities, meal options, and timely offers that make every penny simply worth it.

Always Remember

Every different sort of accommodations have their own pros and cons. It would be important for you to consider what you would like to have in your vacation stay in order to build better plans regarding where you should stay. Cambridge is the home of a lot of different types of accommodations. All of us from the Cambridge City Hotel certainly hope that you find one that works well for you.

With the different options in mind, which one are you more likely to patronize?

In-Flight Woes: How to Beat the Stresses of Upcoming Air Travel

While vacations can be pretty relaxing things, it is the travel part of it that can be rather rife with stress. This is especially true when it comes to air travel. We have all heard of the horror tales of delayed flights, long lines through customs, or sudden changes in the weather and so on. With all this factored in, there is no doubt in our minds that air travel can truly be one of the more stressful things that anyone could be subjected to.

This is why is rather important—critical even—to actively seek knowledge on how to effectively beat the stresses of air travel. Here in Cambridge City Hotel, we always have the well-being of our guests in mind which is why we have gathered tips and tricks on how to travel through the skies without any of the hassle involved.

Get all the details confirmed

11 - In-Flight Woes: How to Beat the Stresses of Upcoming Air Travel

One of the biggest issues that a lot of travelers have is the fact that they are too reliant on their travel agent to take care of the details. If you want to get something right, you need to make sure of it yourself. Always double check your travel time, your flight details, and which terminal or gate you need to be at.

Getting those details down will help you become prepared for what is to come.

Dress comfortably

12 - In-Flight Woes: How to Beat the Stresses of Upcoming Air Travel

People tend to dress for form rather than comfort. Take it from us when we say that you would be better off dressing for comfort. A long plane ride can be quite uncomfortable in a pair of jeans. Something softer like cotton pants or even sweat pants would be more agreeable.

Leave your fancy shoes behind. Wear sensible shoes that you can slip on and take off with ease.

Pack smart

13 - In-Flight Woes: How to Beat the Stresses of Upcoming Air Travel

While most travelers put everything in their check-in baggage, truly smart ones will have a carry-on bag that will have easy to grab essentials. Always pack tissue or wet wipes in your carry-on. You never know when it’ll come in handy. Keep any essential medicines accessible and nearby so you won’t have to worry about it later on.

Always Remember

Travel does not always have to be so stressful. If you know what to do and what to expect, it can be a rather enjoyable part of the vacation. We certainly hope that our tips will help you have a better time as you travel toward your chosen destination. If the travel still finds a way to be stressful, you can always book a massage in the in-house spa like the one we have.

Which particular air travel tip will you apply in your next trip?