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Festivals and Fancy: 3 Major Festivals in Cambridge You Should Not Miss

We’ve probably mentioned time and time again how Cambridge is a place that is worth visiting. Today, we want to talk more about the festivals that are held in Cambridge that you should definitely not miss. Festivals have certainly evolved through the years. They used to be small town gatherings that usually celebrated a harvest, an event, or even a great person. What has been usually attended by locals has bloomed into something that generates massive income for local businesses.

Here are a few major festivals that are held in Cambridge:

Cambridge Folk Festival

This particular festival actually started way back in 1965 and has been held every year since. This is one of the oldest music festivals that exist. If you are a big fan of Jazz music, this is one festival that you will want to attend.

What sets this music festival apart from the rest is the fact that locals and local businesses make it their business to ensure that the facilities are top-notch. No dirty or subpar toilets here. What is truly amazing about this festival is the fact that is it is now one of the largest music festivals that exist.

Cambridge Shakespeare Festival

While not as old as the Cambridge Folk Festival, it does not want for appeal in the least. This particular festival lasts around eight weeks and heavily features the works of the world’s most famous poet and playwright.

This particular festival has the cooperation of local theater groups from the various schools and universities. They present and perform the different plays that Shakespeare became famous for.

Cambridge Science Festival

Another annual festival in the great city of Cambridge! This particular academically driven festival is free and is typically held every March. It should be noted that this particular science festival is the largest held in the UK.

Not only is it a great way to explore the recent discoveries in the field of science, but your attendance also lends support to the youth who are involved with this festival. There are usually competitions which are all charitable events.

Always Remember

Festivals are a wonderful way to get a pulse on the local scene. You get to experience local delicacies and local specialties all in one place. Depending on the theme of the festival, you get to also experience art, culture, and limited time offerings that simply cannot be beat. We hope that you’ll consider attending one of the amazing festivals that we hold here.

Which one would you be you inclined to attend?

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