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Themes Galore: Funny Hotel Room Themes around the World

Your hotel room is your home away from home when you are on vacation. We take a break from discussing the beauty of Cambridge and turn the attention toward the many different kinds of hotel room themes around the world.

The hospitality business can be a tough one to be part of. When you run your own hotel or even a small inn, it is important that there is something about you that stands out. This usually comes in the forms of themed rooms. Those who have travelled a lot will know this to be true.

In America, there are a lot of different themes that are found all over the different states. For example, Disney World in Orlando Florida has character themed rooms like those of Donald Duck and such. In other states, there would be a dominance of a rustic feel to the theme of the room. These are very popular in agricultural heavy states or those nestled in small towns.

In the UK, characters are not so likely. What we do have in abundance are those that are era themed rooms. Here are a few era examples that you can see commonly in the UK:

Victorian Themed Rooms

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There is something completely romantic and decadent about the Victorian themed room. Regardless of what part of the UK you are, you will find one that has touches from the era of good manners and lords and ladies.

Viking Themed Rooms

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The UK has several places that have Celtic ties to it. So it only made sense that there would be massive representation of this era.

In the realm of the odd and even the absurd, there are hotel room themes that are an acquired taste. For example, horror themed hotel rooms! There is a massive cult following regarding horrors in hotels. So much so that there are some hotels in Asia that has a complete horror theme.

Always Remember

The room options that you have in Cambridge City Hotel are also quite varied. While they are not as adventurous as the other types that exist out in the world, we are confident at the comfort they will be able to provide. Our amenities all boast of state of the art features that were all made to provide our patrons with the comforts that they would attribute with their homes.

What sort of odd or funny hotel room theme have you personally experienced?

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