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Pack, Pack, Pack! Effective Packing Solutions That Won’t Break the Bank

We at the Cambridge City Hotel are very huge advocates of travelling. It is, after all, through different journeys that you get a better handle on who you are and what you can achieve. The only trouble about the whole thing is the fact that travelling entails packing and lugging around your stuff in a bag of your choosing.

If your travel plans involve a flight, then you know very well that your luggage will be subjected to all sorts of rules and regulations. It will even have an established weight limit so you need to be smart about what you put into your luggage before and during your travel. To help you, our dear patrons, better manage your luggage and your packing, we have come up with some effective packing solutions that won’t break the bank.

Plan reusable outfits

While it would always be ideal to be at your very best fashion forward self, travelling will require you to be realistic. Rather than packing a whole lot of clothes, think about which ones will get a lot of mileage and which ones would be easy to launder.

That way, you can keep your luggage light and you’ll be able to just wash your stuff when you get to your destination.

Use everyday things

When it comes to packing, you can utilize things that you never really gave a second thought to. For example, using a shower cap as a place to keep your shoes! Not only will you keep your shoes from touching your clothing but you will be able to put your shoes right where everything else is.

Roll things together

A common misconception about packing and luggage is that it needs to be neat. It really doesn’t. While folding everything in neat little piles may sooth the OCD in you, it is not what is best when it comes to maximizing the space in your suitcase. So it may not be the most dignified of appearances but rolling your clothes and stuffing them into your bag is actually more economic when it comes to space.

Always Remember

Being smart about your luggage is one of the things an accomplished traveler needs to master. It can be rather costly to have to pay extra for your baggage. In the worst case scenario, you might even be forced to part with certain items just to get your baggage down to the proper scale that is allotted to you.

What travelling and packing hack have you used in your travels?

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